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Our training programs are FAA approved and highly structured.  This gives you both an efficient way to learn and one which meets the highest standards.

We are a FAA Part 141 approved school with modern classrooms, training curriculum, and testing facilities so you can complete all of your training in-house.  We offer training from Private Pilot to Airline Transport Pilot (ATP), including Instrument Rating and Recurrent Training.

Our instructors undergo continuous training and evaluation so that their knowledge and skill are kept at the highest competent level as a professional instructor pilot.  Many instructors who had worked with us are now working for airlines as pilots.

Safety is the most important factor to us.  Our entire fleet of airplanes is maintained to the highest mechanical and appearance standards.

Since we are a flight school and not a "club", there are no membership fees and no monthly dues.  This means more training for your dollar!


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Instructor Rates *
Private Pilot/Flight Reviews/Check-outs
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* for customer-owned aircraft

Aircraft Rates (student/block rates) **
Cessna 152's
Cessna 172's
Piper Cherokee 140
Piper Arrow
Beech Travel Air
** non-student, non-block rates +$3.00/hr

(Students enrolled in any one of our training courses receive block rates automatically.  Otherwise, block rates require a minimum 10 hour purchase.)

Current rates effective September 2016