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Computerized Testing

Sky Walk is proud to be an Official PSI Computer Testing Center.

PSI Computer Testing, Inc. (formerly LaserGrade), is an international computer-based testing company with 700+ secure and supervised test centers worldwide. Computerized test delivery is their expertise.

Upon successful completion of your ground training, you will be ready to take the FAA Knowledge Test for the appropriate certificate. You'll take your FAA Knowledge Test on a PSI computer terminal which, when completed, will provide you with your test results immediately.

Sky Walk provides these computer terminals in a comfortable and secure testing area for your convenience.

Our system is easy-to-use, and no computer skills are needed!  You select your answer by using the keyboard or clicking the mouse.  Graphics are automatically shown on the screen, and you can enlarge, shrink or move the image as you desire.

Navigating throught the exam is as simple as clicking on the PREVIOUS or NEXT icons.  Plus, all functions are explained by simply selecting the HELP key.

You can easily erase an answer by selecting a different answer. And, you can TAG a question you're not sure of and have the computer remind you to review it later!  There's also an on-screen calculator available.

Contact us , or call PSI at 1-800-211-2754 to schedule your test.