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"Within the next ten years, over one half of all Airline Pilots will be leaving the Airline Industry via retirement."
      - ABC News

Get started on your future, today!

Now you can obtain an aviation degree of the quality, ease, and affordability. We recommend the Utah Valley University (UVU) Professional Pilot Degree that is offered on the Internet. The site can be found at

UVU students are eligible to apply for Governmental Loans and Grants as well as Collegiate Loans.  (For additional information review the Student Guide to Financial Aid from the U.S. Department of Education).

The UVU Global Aviation Degree Center is the distance learning arm of UVU's Aviation Science Department, and the offers you the opportunity to complete your flight training in your home town while earning a fully accredited degree on-line.

The college offers a wide range of four-year degrees, two-year degrees, and certification programs to move students forward in fulfilling their education and career goals.

Benefits of enrolling through SkyWalk:

  • Students don't need to relocate to attend classes
  • Students may work full time while earning their degree
  • Students learn at their own pace - on their own schedule
  • Students save money on college tuition, fees and living expenses
  • Students may qualify for financial aid up to $25,000 per year with a 20 year payback, and no payments until 6 months after graduation
  • In Sacramento you can fly virtually year-round

Review the above web sites today, then give us a call or come by for a visit.