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Becoming A Multi-Engine Pilot

The Multi-Engine is a rating, and not a certificate. Consequently you can hold a Multi-Engine Rating as a Private Pilot. To obtain a Multi-Engine Rating you must complete adequate training in a multi-engine aircraft sufficient to show competency in that type of aircraft.

Once you have obtained your Instrument Rating and Commercial Certificate, the next logical step would be to obtain a Multi-Engine Rating. This is especially true if you plan to pursue any type of career as a pilot. Sky Walk has a training plan in place for you to not only obtain your Multi-Engine Rating, but to become a proficient Multi-Engine pilot.


All students enrolled in the Multi-Engine Rating Course at Sky Walk will automatically receive the "block rates" without having to purchase 10 hours of block time.

Our Multi-Engine Rating Course is approximately $5,325, and consists of:

  • 15 hours of Dual flight training - Beech Travel Air *
  • 5 hours of pre-post flight briefings
  • 5 hours of individual ground school
  • 2 hours audio visual training, training manual, Travel Air flight manual

* (For Instrument Rated Pilot - additional 4 hours Dual flight time and 1 hour ground adds $1,320 bringing total to $6,645).

Training costs will vary depending on your study habits, frequency of attendance, individual motor skills and the type of aircraft which will be used for your training.   On average, students complete their training within the minimum time.

To maximize your training and reduce costs, see our suggested training tips.