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Sky Walk Approved as Examining Authority by FAA

Sky Walk's continued respect as one of Northern California's premier flight training schools has allowed us to receive a highly coveted authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to exercise Examining Authority Approval.

This special authorization, which covers Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, and Commercial Certificate was bestowed upon Sky Walk as a result of our continued success in developing high quality flight training graduates through our professional training.

What are the benefits to Sky Walk students?

Sky Walk has always provided professional flight training using modern classrooms, professional training curriculum, and state of the art testing facilities for those who are seeking a career in aviation or just want to obtain a pilots license for pure pleasure. And since Sky Walk is already a FAA Part 141 school you can complete your entire training package AND receive your authorization for certificate all in-house! By completing your training with Sky Walk you will not have to take the practical test with an FAA Designated Examiner after completion. And due to the higher training standards, the FAA allows Part 141 students to complete their training in less hours than Part 61 requires. All this can save you both time and a lot of money!

Does Sky Walk actually issue my certificate?

Yes. Upon successful completion of your final stage check under Part 141, Sky Walk will issue you a graduation certificate, and your official Private Pilot's Certificate, or Instrument Rating, or Commercial Certificate.

How was Sky Walk chosen to receive this authority?

Sky Walk is one of only a few flight schools in the country to obtain Examining Authority Approval. Since opening its doors, Sky Walk has provided students with the best flight training possible. From well equipped and maintained aircraft, to comfortable facilities, state of the art equipment and highly trained instructors. Our Part 141 training using the very best structured curriculum in the industry, along with our continued commitment to our students has resulted in a very high student success rate. This high level of quality and performance has earned Sky Walk exceptional respect and status in the industry. The Examining Authority authorization given by the FAA further demonstrates Sky Walk's recognized commitment to higher standards in flight training contributing to a safer aviation community for all of us.

Contact us by phone or email if you have any questions on how you can take advantage of this new service from Sky Walk